Org-journal vs org-roam-dailies

I’m a long-time note-taking geek, currently using org-agenda/org-capture/Beorg for task management. I’m ready to dive in to org-roam for what I call my knowledge base and I’m considering adopting the org-roam journaling workflow as well.

My questions are:

  1. Is org-journal still buying me something over org-roam-dailies? Or the reverse?
  2. Which of these are people using?
  3. Can I have weekly files instead of daily files using org-roam-dailies?
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For me, org-journal improves upon org-roam-dailies in a few ways…

  1. I prefer the way it handles searches
  2. It manages TODOs nicely (automatically updates the agenda files list and rolls incomplete TODOs forward
  3. Better (I think) calendar mode integration and navigation between dates
  4. Easier to create and browse future entries

Thanks for your answer @jbaty, it’s very helpful.

I’m keeping my TODOs in a small number of separate files and archive tasks regularly: I’m traumatized by the degradation in performance of org-agenda once it has too much data to deal with. It’s not the ideal system (a tad more maintenance overhead than I would like) but manageable using org-capture systematically and the occasional org-id link to more substantial notes.

So for me point 2 would not apply (at least for now). Points 1, 3 and 4 sound like enough to give it a try, though.

Any org-roam-dailies advocates out there?

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It’s basically a stripped down version of org-journal. Some people dont want to install another package for journaling, and I think org-journal covers most of the daily notes functionality, so there’s little incentive to get it to feature parity. Unless someone comes up with a feature proposal that org-journal doesn’t cover I’d recommend it.


Very clear.

Thanks so much for the great work @jethro. I’d spent quite some time trying to figure out how to bend org-mode for my needs and was coming short; org-roam unlocks a lot of potential with an elegant solution. You guys are working fast and making good decisions, it’s very impressive.

Are the recent developments of org-roam-dailies changing the game in this area? Is it necessary or desirable to switch from org-journal to org-roam-daily in view of future developments?

For me the most important feature of org-journal is the second one you mentioned.
And I still use org-roam-dailies for its file can be included in org-roam database and shown in org-roam buffer.

So, I put my journal files into a directory in my org-roam-directory to get both mode’s advantage.

A compatibility problem exists though, and I managed to solve it.