Daily notes and "org-roam-find-file" notes

I’ve just started using org-roam for a research project and a book I’m writing and it seems to be the right tool to organize my thoughts but the manual is not very clear about the relationship between daily notes to the notes created by org-roam-find-file.

Right now the notes created and linked with that command seem to be enough. I can create a local “wiki” with all my ideas. So, how to I connect that to “daily” notes ? Would you mind giving me a pointer where I could find the connection ?

Welcome! :slight_smile:
I was searching for something similar, maybe we may help each other and others too.

AFAIK, the Zettelkasten method knows nothing of dailies.


  • I can imagine that daily notes can be used as/for fleeting notes (and later link to and coalesce into more permanent notes, since dailies can be easily filtered from our notes and graph),
  • journaling is important for many people to open, organize, reflect and close the day, plus…
  • dailies can work as a quick capture template, since they are searchable and eventually you can go back to were you wrote something (hey, we can even tag headings, have categories, other properties, etc.).

So, maybe some people from this wonderful community can share your use cases for daily notes? They doesn’t have to be serious, incredible nor anything wonderful, just sharing how you use them.

Thanks a lot for your time and attention… :slight_smile:

I am confused as to how to use the dailies. I guess one daily is used per day, per their name, and the “find-today” command is enough to get back to it and add content there during the course of the day.

So, basically, the contents of the daily is meant to be refiled in “standard” notes ? Is that their intended use ?

I use the daily notes as a starting point every day. I put the tasks I want to do during the day, and put links to things I’m doing. In a way it’s more a journal or scratchpad than a real note.

I don’t know neither, that’s why I was asking too… :slight_smile:

I grok these things per se:

  • zettelkasten notes (be them fleeting or temporary),
  • journaling (dailies),
  • tasks and agenda.

But I don’t get the why of zettels AND dailies. :sweat_smile:

I received a mail from Jethro (I had sent it before knowing about this server) and let me quote him:

If you find that notes created with org-roam-find-file are sufficient, then you can stick with that. Daily notes are just a special kind of Org-roam note. People like to dump things in daily notes to be reprocessed later on, or do their journaling there.

Et voilà ! I suggested that the link (or lack thereof) be clearer in the documentation.


Thanks a lot. Then, it’s more of a simple journal -or drafting mechanism- available to integrate with your notes, if it’s useful for each person. In some way, it may be used as fleeting notes in ZK also.

Again, thanks a lot for your info. :slight_smile: