[v2] dailies in single dailies.org

The move from one-note-per-file to using org-mode heading ids as nodes really helped me with general org tooling that would choke on many individual org files (especially on MS Windows). Now in v2 AFAICS the org-roam-dailies machinery still puts every day into a single new org file which would lead back to my original problem eventually.

Are there recommendations to change the dailies machinery? I could change the dailies capture template to file+heading or similar to achieve the goal, i.e. one heading per day in e.g. a dailies.org file. But then aligning this with finding daily notes etc. might be a bit more work? Maybe there is also a best practice for this that I am missing from the v2 docs?

You might look into using org-journal, which apparently can create a date tree (* year, ** month headings with *** days for the ones you create). I’m also curious to set this up, but haven’t taken the time yet to do so. Would love to hear from others how they’ve done it :).

Thanks for mentioning org-journal. Yes, I was aware of that, also tried it in v1 and found other threads, e.g. Org-journal vs org-roam-dailies - #3 by rodelrod about it. I just don’t know how they compare in org-roam v2 and I still think that org-roam-dailies might already provide what I want except for the one-note-per file to org-id change in v2.