How do you take your fleeting notes?

Looking at the Org-Mode/Roam ecosystem, it seems there are several different prescribed approaches to doing fleeting notes. I have looked at:

  1. Org Journal: this was a flop for me, the text was formatted very strangely in Org-Journal mode, where new lines were for some reason identented and it wasn’t obvious how to fix it
  2. Org-Roam Dailies: I’ve just set this up, and it seems to do a very similar thing to Org Journal, but actually part of Org-Roam.
  3. The Org-Capture Journal template which appends entries to a single file

Was funny but also a bit confusing realising there are (at least) 3 packages that were doing basically the same thing. My question is, how do people take their fleeting notes?

I ask this because I’m currently just using the Org-Roam-Dailies-Capture-Today function to jot down small thoughts of things that could be turned into a note… is this its intended use? How do you remember to go through synthesising notes or deleting them? How do you go through synthesising?


It is one of the intended uses, yes; but you should probably be figuring out what works for you rather than asking for our validation. The tools we design for org-roam as well as the slip-box methodology at large are intended to be open so that they may be used where they fit best. My only advise to you is to experiment with them until you find something which, in practice, works the best for you.

thanks, the TIMTOWTDI outlook is interesting, hadn’t thought about it like that.