Why does creating a new node create a PROPERTIES drawer in the document I started from?

If I’m in one org-roam node X, and try to create a new node Y, often Emacs will create a PROPERTIES drawer in X, around wherever my cursor is.

It only happens if the cursor is inside a headline. If it is before the headlines begin, this doesn’t happen.

In case it’s relevant, here’s my .emacs dotfile file.

+1 … I’m curious too. Although I didn’t use v1 much so I don’t know what should be the expected behaviour.

I am not able to reproduce the issue in my normal set up or test environment with only Org-roam and completion frameworks (e.g. Ivy, Helm). I’m on Windows with Emacs 27.2.

You might like to try Emacs -Q with Org-roam and its prerequisites only to see if you can repro the issue.