Org-roam-dailies navigation with custom template

I’ve setup a template for org-roam-dailies in such a way that

  • There is one file per month, so
  • Inside each file, headlines go with a timestamp
(setq org-roam-dailies-directory "daily/dailiesTest/")
(setq org-roam-dailies-capture-templates
      '(("d" "default" entry
         "* %T %?"
         :target (file+head "%<%Y-%m>.org" "#+TITLE: %<%Y-%m>\n"))))

I’ve tried few configurations, and at the moment this setting seems like a sweet spot between

  • One-file-per-day, since the amount files is quickly escalating and slowing down my agenda view
  • One big file with datetree, since I don’t like having three more level of nesting to start with for every new headline and I find having just one big file for my entries unnecessary

However, the headlines have no org-roam ID and I miss the ability of navigating through the notes. Is there a way to add this to my custom template?

Turns out that the template does enough of what I need. Navigation to previous/next day doesn’t really work (or at least just moves between months when necessary), but compared to a normal org-capture template I can at least have a backlink in roam.

(setq org-roam-dailies-directory "daily/")
(setq org-roam-dailies-capture-templates
      '(("d" "default" entry "* TODO %?"
         :target (file+head "%<%Y-%m>.org" "#+TITLE: %<%Y-%m>\n"))))