How to put all the org-roam-dailies in one file with a date-tree structure?

With the arrival of V2, the limitation of separates files will not longer a problem. This is particularly handy for the dailies, given their linear structure.

I have thought if it could be possible to put in one big file all the dailies. In this way, all the ideas and to-dos could be easily viewed in one shot. Operations like refile and referencing previous days could be easier as well.

My idea is to have a single file called with the structure:

* 2021 
** 2021-05 
*** 2021-05-06 
    My thoughts on this day

How could I achieve this with org-roam-dailies?


What you’re suggesting is doable, and I’ll take this into account when I redesign the node-creation for org-roam-dailies. It’s low-priority, though, so you’ll have to bide your time for now.

Hi @zaeph! Thanks for your reply. Jethro kindly solved this issue in this commit

Thanks again to you and the other collaborators for this great piece of software.


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How, splendid; thanks for letting me know. I’m catching up on most of the work that has been done in the last 6m, and some of it is slipping through the net.

However, I think we could make the journalling process a little more pleasant, datetree notwithstanding. Some indirect-buffer magic might turn this into a smooth experience.

I’ll think about the UX when I get a chance.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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For the beginer that search the info, here it is :

(setq org-roam-dailies-capture-templates
      '(("d" "default" entry
         "* %?"
         :target (file+datetree "" week))))