Startup with LaTeX preview

Hi everyone,

I would quite like for my Org-roam buffers to open with latex snippets already previewed. One way to achieve this is to to manually add #+startup: latexpreview to the beginning of each file. That’s a bit clunky. Another would be to write some little hook that adds this line to the beginning of an Org-roam file when it’s created. I imagine there might be other ways to achieve this, as well, but I’m not at all sure what the “correct” approach would be, if Org-roam is opinionated about it! Has anyone gotten around to doing this for themselves? Could you imagine what an easy and straightforward approach would look like?

Thanks very much!

You can find your options in this thread, depending on how often you want your latex fragments to be rerendered:

Ah! I didn’t find org-startup-with-latex-preview when I was looking around earlier. So it’s best handled at the level of Org-mode, rather than Org-roam. Great, thanks so much @jethro!