A few of my nodes show empty org-roam buffers

Hi all! I’m new here and new to org-roam (but not org-mode). I’m loving it so far, because it solves many of the limits I found in org-mode. (Like, where to put that note…). I’m having a little trouble with the org-roam buffer. It works as expected for the vast majority of my files, but just fails on some. The buffer is blank, despite several links. I can’t, for the life of me, see anything wrong with the ones with blank roam buffers. Here’s one, with links to two others that display backlinks, etc., in the org-roam buffer.

Can anyone spot anything wrong with this?

:ID:       77A0BB8F-E79A-4736-BD6A-F4A0DC3A792C
#+title: Emacs
#+filetags: :emacs:
#+startup: overview

- [[id:C7A7FB86-7201-48FA-A061-20623FB181F6][Emacs Lisp]]
- [[id:37b81a48-c61d-4260-b422-d53766e75f32][Org-roam]]

* Installing on Mac OSX                                               :macos:
#+begin_src bash
  brew tap d12frosted/emacs-plus
  brew install emacs-plus --with-native-comp
[[https://github.com/d12frosted/homebrew-emacs-plus][github repo]]

Blank how? See below.

(1) Blank with no header, or heading, or preview content

(2) Blank with a header, displaying the title of the main note on the right, but no preview content

The first one would be a program error, the second one is normal (there is no backlink to the main note on the right).

If it is the first one, then I suggest you look at the message buffer; you may have a program emitting an error. If not, you can toggle-debug-on-error

Ah, it is number 2. So, as feared, I just don’t understand the feature! Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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