Some problems with links directly in the title

Hello to all,
As announced in the title of this thread, I would like to put links directly in my titles. But, I suppose that this leads to some problems.

Here is the list of things that work:

  • unlinked references by writing the title WITHOUT the link but just with the description of the link in another note (which is surprising)
  • the fact that org roam does not write “[[id:000][Some note]]” but “Some note” directly when searching/inserting a note
  • the backlinks (also surprising)

What doesn’t work:

  • when exporting a note, the link is never found
  • moreover, if you activate the “org-export-with-broken-links” variable, the export works, but the title is incomplete (the link, and even the description, do not appear)
  • I think that the parser of org mode does not recognize the links, because when the command “org-next-link” is called, it does not find the link in the title

Anyway, do you have any solutions to these problems? And are there any other problems with putting links in in-buffer properties?

And so, my more general question:
How do you put links that should be directly in the title?

Thanks you in advance for your anwers.

This is not part of the standard Org syntax, so you would go against the standard Org way (upstream, not Org-roam). You would need to find your own way (probably coding Elisp) if you wish to achieve this. #+TITLE: or #+title: is syntactically a keyword and the value is supposed to be a string, and does not contain another object such as a link.

Org-roam has done something to make it work. Have a look at this FAQ entry from 2021 and a related GitHub issue. I believe the FAQ entry and the described feature still works (I don’t use it so your experience may be different).

Thank you for your answer.

The problem is that org-mode doesn’t recognize links in keyword. Also, from what I understand, the link to the issue you gave me only solves the problem of backlinks (to org-roam). This does not solve all the problems (from what I understand)
It’s probably a lot to ask, but could org-roam change its system, and not rely on keywords? I guess that would cause other problems…
Do you use another method, for example put all the links just below the title (why not in a list), to make it work ?

Yes. I just create a link in a normal paragraph, not even a list. I am not sure if I understand why you insist on having a link in title.

Org-roam relies on Org for foundational features including syntax; I don’t think author Jethro would be willing to change the Org syntax just for Org-roam… But I am not him, so you could create an issue on the project GitHub (I would not expect much traction for this request).