[FAQ] Keeping links in Org Drawers

The Problem

Org-roam does NOT cache links within property drawers. E.g.

** Genesis 23
:Note: [[file:20210302093117.org][Genesis 23]]

This is because Org’s parser itself does not parse items within the PROPERTIES drawer as links.

The Solution

One workaround is to store these links in a different kind of drawer:

** Genesis 23
:LINKS:   <-
:Note: [[file:20210302093117.org][Genesis 23]]

One difference between PROPERTIES drawers and other drawers is that PROPERTIES drawers are not exported. To achieve the same no-export effect, modify the variable org-export-with-drawers:

Non-nil means export contents of standard drawers.

When t, all drawers are exported.  This may also be a list of
drawer names to export, as strings.  If that list starts with
not, only drawers with such names will be ignored.

This variable doesn't apply to properties drawers.  See
org-export-with-properties instead.

This option can also be set with the OPTIONS keyword,
e.g. "d:nil".

This variable was added, or its default value changed, in Org version

Just for the record, links within properties drawers and keywords are now supported. This pull request introduced those changes.