How to match all the words except the first in the unlinked references section?

Hi all!

Imagine you have a note with the this note

:ID: my-id
#+TITLE: My awesome note

If you check the Unlinked references in your roam buffer, you will see the list where the text My awesome note appeared in all your directory.

However, if you change the title like

:ID: my-id
#+TITLE:  my-id  My awesome note

where the difference is you added another word to the title, the unlinked references is empty.

I know this is the expected behavior, but my question is how to change the way the org-roam searches those references to match all the words except the first.


Do you need my-id to be part of the title?

If it is for org-roam-node-find to show it as part of the list, why not configure template and show it and remove my-id from the title?

This way, I believe you could avoid going against the grain; no need to change the unlinked reference function that involves Ripgrep.

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Thanks @nobiot.
Your advice is perfect!
I changed the display template and everything looks neat.


It’s an interesting way of using ID as the Zettelkasten numbering :slight_smile:

I’m trying to follow what is called a folgezettel. With the timestamps, I couldn’t track my train of thoughts and my notes were simply useless. With this method, I can trace from where I started some idea and how I developed it.
Of course, it requires some manual input, but I created a custom function or it.


hi, I’m also want to use folgezettel in my Zettelsktan method.

I’d like to know how do you set up the org-roam’s configuration?

Please let me know. Thx a lot.