Remove braces from template title variable

So some of my Bibtex entries have double braces for Title Case wordings like so:

  title = {The {{Neurobehavioral}} and {{Social-Emotional Development}} of {{Infants}} and {{Children}} ({{Norton Series}} on {{Interpersonal Neurobiology}})},
  shorttitle = {Neurobehavioral and {{Social-Emotional Development}}},
  author = {Tronick, Ed},
  date = {2007-07-17},
  eprint = {wt9FBAAAQBAJ},
  eprinttype = {googlebooks},
  publisher = {{W. W. Norton \& Company}},
  isbn = {978-0-393-71118-9},
  langid = {english},
  pagetotal = {606},
  keywords = {Psychology / Developmental / Child,Psychology / Psychotherapy / General},

These show up literally during expansion to yield:

#+TITLE: The {{Neurobehavioral}} and {{Social-Emotional Development}} of {{Infants}} and {{Children}}

which is kinda ugly.

What’s the simplest way to remove the double braces from the ${title} string during expansion?

I fixed the problem by tweaking Better-BibTeX settings to export without case-protection. Would appreciate if there is an Emacs solution to this as well.

I believe changing from the source like you do would be the best.

For an Emacs way, it will depend on what you mean by “expansion”.