V2 title problem

Hi! After updating to V2 deft started to not recognize #+TITLE as the title of the file. Right now my deft screen looks like this. And files looks like this.

Is there any way to fix this?

You may find some clues here.

Thanks! I, kinda, manually fixed it.

@noadlib I use not-deft (a fork of deft) and had the same problem. I got as far as writing a potential pull request before checking the repository again and finding the maintainer had updated the package to handle org property drawers by including a variable notdeft-allow-org-property-drawers. If you’re comfortable with elisp, here’s the function that parses what counts as the title and what as the body in notdeft.

I haven’t checked out the source code for deft.el to see how transferable this is, but if not, you might consider notdeft. It takes a bit more initial set up, but after that works pretty much just like deft. It is a bit faster if you have a large number of files, since it indexes your files into a xapian database.