Configure deft title stripping to hide org-roam template headers

by default (for me at least) org-roam creates lower case headers (eg. #+title:, not #+TITLE:) which i dig, but: by default deft only strips upper-case headers from its preview/summary line for each item.

perhaps sb with regex know-how can provide an edit to the deft strip title regex config so that it strips org-roam templates by default?

or is there perhaps another way ppl go abt this?

@moosehead. Adjust deft-strip-summary-regexp accordingly.

Only strip upper case (default):

"\\([\n ]\\|^#\\+[[:upper:]_]+:.*$\\)"

Strip upper/lower/mixed case, e.g #+LaTeX:

"\\([\n ]\\|^#\\+[[:upper:][:lower:]_]+:.*$\\)"

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thanks very much! i wasn’t even trying change the right variable.
[hopefully helpful for other ppl too.]

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