What bibtex fields can go into orb-templates?

What bibtex fields can be inserted into reference notes via the orb-templates. What I’m calling a “bibtex field” are, for example, citekey and title in the template below:

(setq orb-templates
  '(("r" "ref" plain (function org-roam-capture--get-point) ""
     :file-name "${citekey}"
     :head "#+TITLE: ${citekey}: ${title}\n#+ROAM_KEY: ${ref}\n" ; <--
     :unnarrowed t)))

I tried to put year in my template but this had no effect. Should it? How about abstract?

You need to modify orb-preformat-keywords. For your example, all you’d need is to append abstract to that list. Just make sure to keep the other members of that list.

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Thanks, that worked.