Linking a date in multiple files


I’m doing something maybe a bit weird, I have a daily[.]org file where I’m using org-roam-dailies with a datetree.

I put most of my work notes for the day under that datetree structure, however, some things like meetings I want in their own file, for example, a weekly team meeting, in weekly-meeting[.]org.

This works fine, but I want to do another datetree in the weekly-meeting[.]org file, and link between the daily note and the weekly meeting’s day note.

When I do this, it creates two nodes in org-roam-ui with a link between them. This seems expected, but I’m wondering if there is a better way of organizing my daily and meeting notes?

Do you need the dailies to be part of the graph or even part of Org-roam?

I don’t use dailies and I only occasionally refer to the graph by org-roam-ui, but just to share what I do.

  1. I take my daily log in a single org file (a heading with a date like [2024-02-28]. It is not even part of Org-roam.

  2. When I have a file for a meeting like you do, I also have the date in the same format [2024-02-28].

  3. I use my own version of ripgrep a thing at point, so if I want to see “anything” and “everything” for the day, I just do a ripgrep search for the date 2024-02-28.

If you have the meeting as a node but not the dailies, you would see only one of them in the graph.