Tips for refiling into org roam dailies?

I use orgzly to capture on my Android devices, one org file per device, where files are synchronized with syncthing. These entries are created with a created property containing an org timestamp.

I have many other files with org entries as well. Many of them contain clock data or have some date indicator.

I’d like to refile these entries into the appropriate org roam daily locations. I was thinking it would be convenient to have a function to refile to the daily file for the date at point, and also one to refile to the daily file based on the created property.

Is there a good way to get the filename for a given daily template? I was thinking I would want to use that for setting the refile target.

Or maybe someone has something similar they are able to share?

For context: I’ve been using org for years and prior to using org-roam I had a “” that most of my captures were sent to. The typical pattern was for this single file to grow to some few MB in size before making emacs slow enough to force me into house cleaning in order to bring things to a manageable size. Rinse and repete very few months.

When I started using org-roam I began making use of dailies for my work log and other regular meetings like daily stand-ups. My typical flow is now capture to today’s worklog, notes about whatever I am doing while clocking time. From the daily worklog I link to other nodes as necessary.

Using org-roam dailies has been very effective at helping me avoid large file issues from work I do at my workstation and I would like to wrangle my old notes into the daily structure.