Further extend the possibilities of org-roam-unlinked-references

Hi here,

First of all, thank you all. The pace of development, the responsiveness… !

In the last update was added a feature that I love org-roam-unlinked-references. This command is really very useful. Really! On the other hand, I have the impression that it searches by title or alias only. I was wondering if it would be interesting for you to be able to search with any word or phrase in a note to see if we have it somewhere else.

Of course, you could do it with Deft, but viewing notes (with excerpts and line numbers) is better with org-roam-unlinked-references in my opinion.

Also, I discovered the existence of notdeft which is an interesting package.

org-roam-unlinked-references is still very much a proof of concept. We decided to push it as is with v1.2.0 and work on it some more after. Your suggestion is one path of improvement that we thought of, but we’ll have to think some more about it. Right now, in my eyes, it’s a lower priority than creating the tutorials.

It’s our pleasure. :slight_smile:

Great !

No problem. There’s no hurry. It’s to share ideas when they come! :slight_smile: