Empty Unlinked references section

Hello everyone,
I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I can’t see any unlinked reference in the “Unlinked references” section. So the section is there when I open the org-roam buffer but it is empty. And I am sure there are unlinked references for many of my notes. Any ideas, please?

You need Ripgrep installed in your machine. And it needs to be compiled with pcre2 option (I have no idea what it does, but it is required).

If you use Ubuntu (of some recent version), avoid apt because the binary does not seem to have been compiled with this option. I suggest compile from source.

If you are on Windows, I have not been able to get it to work, even when the binary comes with prec2 option. This seems to be related to the fact how the output from Ripgrep gets converted to unlinked references in Org-roam – to fix this, I think you’d need to change the function in Org-roam (only for Windows, by the looks of it). I didn’t investigate any further.

Some detail from this old post. It’s old, so the situation might well have improved / changed since then.

Thank you @nobiot . I have installed ripgrep with pcre2. I am on windows btw.

Then all I can do is to wish you luck… Have a look at the function where the output from Ripgrep is converted to the unlinked links in Org-roam. I think the assumption that Org-roam makes of what text is returned does not hold for Windows for some reason.

I don’t need it so I won’t pursue this.

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Sure. I will stay with what I have now. I am not experienced with these so I will wait if someone comes up with a solution. Thank you for your time.