Find all unlinked references in one go

Hello to all,

My goal is in the title : find all the unlinked references.
Its purpose is the following: to be able to create the missing links that I could miss.

I thought about a function that can make that : go through each node, open the org-roam buffer, check if there is the corresponding section for unlinked references. If not, go to the next node. If yes, stop at this one.

Could there be another more elegant solution?

Thanks you in advance

Org-roam comes with one that uses ripgrep.

Sorry late reply.
Hum, so by using ripgrep, I’ll be able to get all the unlinked references out of all my notes?

Yes. Works for me in my Ubuntu. Can’t make it work for Windows.

See the manual.

7.2 Configuring what is displayed in the buffer

There are currently 3 provided widget types:

  • BacklinksView (preview of) nodes that link to this node
  • Reference LinksNodes that reference this node (see Refs)
  • Unlinked referencesView nodes that contain text that match the nodes title/alias but are not linked

Thank you for your reply

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I made myself clear:
I would like to have all unlinked references of ALL my notes in one place.

From what I understand, the org-roam buffer only shows for one note. I would like to have my unlinked references for all my notes at the same time in one place.

Then like you said in the opening, you can loop through all your nodes. It might take some time to finish executing if you have many notes.