Untitled notes as per Luhmann

Just to help broaden your search for your own note-taking setup, let me add two things.

  • You don’t need a title.
    You get a prompt for title, and you can just skip it (how this is done depends on your completion). If a note does not have a title, Org-roam uses the file name to display in place of the title.

  • You can have a date and random numbers in the file name
    This is so even if you use capture templates. I do this; my file name is in the format of yyyy-mm-ddThhmmss.org. You can check the default template to see how this kind of things is done with the capture template.

For using the Luhmann style of numbering, I think someone in this forum has posted their method — if I recall correctly, it was manually done via title (e.g. 1, 1a, 1a1, 1a2, etc.) — EDIT: this post.