Way to exclude personal notes on my work computer using Git?

Dear Org-Roam discourse,

I have a large repository of Org-Roam notes version controlled using git and hosted remotely on github.

My issue is that I want to clone only a subset of my notes onto my work laptop (some notes are personal / not relevant or appropriate for work context). How would I do this? Is there a way through git to exclude certain files from a local repository?

I am also happy using alternative tools to git, although ideally would be a git based solution.

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Not sure how Git would go, but I have sub folders personal and work, symlinked to different folders. Then I use different Cloud sync services, so only personal sub folder gets synced with my home laptop.

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This solution could work tbh, and notes are created in personal or work depending on whether I’m using work computer or a personal computer, and putting it into the different folders respectively.

Thinking about it a bit longer, I think dividing it in terms of “work/personal” is not quite accurate. I think I’ll do what you do, but with the repos “general” and “personal” and put like 90% of my notes into general, with the minority of stuff that is personal into its own little silo invisible from my work device.

Thanks so much

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