Moving Org Roam between machines

Hey, folks.

As Org Roam has gobbled up more and more of my note-taking for both personal and work usage I’ve started to notice that it would be useful to occassionally export work notes and pull them into my personal Org Roam knowledge base for posterity. To be clear, as org-roam nodes w/ IDs and not as an export to another format (ex: HTML, Markdown, etc). Let’s call this “node shipping” to differentiate it from export to other formats.

I’ve not see anyone else doing this sort of node shipping so maybe I’m the only one with this need? If not perhaps someone an point me to the package for node shipping?

I just have sub folders “personal” and “work”. Both are symlinked so that they can be synced separately on two different cloud services. My work PC has both; my private PC has only personal. No need for specific Emacs function for this.

Hmm…I had been using tags as a way of sifting/filtering through the two.

I suppose I could grep for the tags and move files appropriately to get into that sort of a scheme in the filesystem. I don’t use cloud storage but that setup would be fine with syncthing.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had sort of been stuck looking for a “pure emacs” solution.

Quickly looping back on this…

I just started copying emacs config from personal to work node with the work node being a VM. Then, for Org Roam notes, I grepped for ‘:work:’ tags, moved everything to /work/ and then moved that content to the work VM.

Pro: cleaner that way.
Con: my org-roam-ui graph is not nearly so cool looking now. :wink:

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