Can a note be created in org-roam without having an ID

I know this sounds really counter-intuitive and is probably not possible, but hear me out.

I am thinking of a workflow for my daily/fleeting notes within org-roam and I had an idea. My daily notes consist of multiple headings for each thing I want to do. I want to make all of them nodes in org-roam and TODO items. That way I can search them through org-roam-node-find and I can sort them depending on their TODO state, and archive them once they are done. In the archiving process, I can also remove their ID so they are no longer nodes and take up unnecessary space (as they will be done). Now the thing with this is that I basically never have to bother with the parent file. Its just there to store the headings and sort them by date. This means, that the file itself doesn’t necessarily have to be a node, only the headings need to. Another advantage of this is that this way, I don’t need to bother with archiving the file after all its items are done, as if its not a node, it won’t bother me and I can only worry about archiving the headings.

So, I was wondering if there is an automated way of doing this or if I will have to manually remove the ID property from every daily note I create. I am assuming there isn’t as in most cases, not giving a file an ID is counter-intuitive. But I would love it if someone has already stumbled across a similar issue and actually has a fix to it.

Thanks in advance!

You can create non-roam notes with the standard Org capture system.