Exclude dailies from find-file?


I use dailies for e.g. meeting nodes and usually open them via backlinks or via org-roam-dailies-find-*. Is there a way to exclude dailies from org-roam-find-file prompt?


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Sorry that this isn’t a solution, but can I ask why you want this? At least for me, the dailies are titled with dates containing only numbers and hyphens and as such disappear as soon as I type any letter. Do you take notes on integers you like :stuck_out_tongue:? Or do you include dates in the titles of your normal notes and like to use org-roam-find-file to search titles by date?

You’re right, basically. If I am looking up a note, without really knowing the name or just looking what notes are existing, the daily notes clutter the list. But still, they are a the very top, so it’s only a mild annoyance. Defiantly not a pressing issue for me. Thx!

@ Aur3l14no may have come up with a solution here. I haven’t tried it yet, though.