Too many URL links

I have an org file with all the papers submitted to an academic conference, that has an org table that looks like this:

|    # | Title & CVPR page                                                                                                                                   | arXiv |
|      | <50>                                                                                                                                                |       |
|    1 | [[][Invertible Denoising Network: A Light Solution for Real Noise Removal]]                                                                               | [[][arXiv]] |
|    2 | [[][Greedy Hierarchical Variational Autoencoders for Large-Scale Video Prediction]]                                                                       |       |
|    3 | [[][Over-the-Air Adversarial Flickering Attacks Against Video Recognition Networks]]                                                                      | [[][arXiv]] |
|    4 | [[][Encoder Fusion Network With Co-Attention Embedding for Referring Image Segmentation]]                                                                 | [[][arXiv]] |

There are 1659 rows in this table. WHen I save it file, Emacs locks up for around a minute while org-roam-db-update-file adds a row to the links table for every one of those http links.

I was kind of expecting there to be a configurable variable to turn off capturing http type links at all – but from the implementation of org-roam-db-update-file, which has

           (list #'org-roam-db-insert-link)))))))

and the implementation of org-roam-db-map-links which is

(defun org-roam-db-map-links (fns)
  "Run FNS over all links in the current buffer."
  (org-with-point-at 1
    (org-element-map (org-element-parse-buffer) 'link
      (lambda (link)
        (dolist (fn fns)
          (funcall fn link))))))

(BTW what language should I be putting on the Markdown code block so elisp formats correctly? I forget. I tried a few things like lisp, elisp, emacs-lisp, but none worked)

I am not seeing any easily configurable way to just ignore URLs which looking at org-mode style links.

I don’t find the http links to be particularly helpful – do others? I am thinking of ways to just disable their collection across the board. They clutter up org-roam-graphs, and I don’t use them for organization in any way that I’m aware of.


I don’t use URLs in my notes but I believe storing http(s) links is for roam_refs. In this post I attempted to describe what they do. It was for V1 but I think it still applies to V2 – please correct me if I’m mistaken.

Re how to ignore http links for caching, org-roam-db-map-links is called like this.

             (list #'org-roam-db-insert-link))

Perhaps you could simply override org-roam-db-insert-link and ignore links of type “http” or something for web – I believe the type variable can be used to single out ID links.