Viewing all the notes (not a graph of them) linked to this note?

Not sure if I understand this right, but is it possible to view the content of all the notes that are linked to a particular note, or some other org-agenda or org-ql-type operation which will construct a buffer containing some set of notes? So for instance, I would like to quickly share all the notes I took on all the references I entered yesterday, or all the references related to topic A. Is this something I can do in a straightforward way, or do I need to write code that will do that for me?

Thanks again!

A bit of understanding of the SQL DB will get you pretty far here. Say your topic A is file “”, then you can run a query as follows (copied from How to create a link to a org-roam search?):

  [:select [from] :from links :where (= to $s1)] (expand-file-name org-roam-directory ""))

That would return you the list of files related to the topic, and you can also then programatically generate a new Org file using the #+INCLUDE syntax for Org to export all those notes.

Ah, that is super helpful, thank you. Doubtless some munging will be required but should be straightforward even for me. Thank you!