Discrepancy between number of notes and number of files scanned when calling org-roam-export

I’m working on building a braindump site similar to Jethro’s here. I have enabled the org-roam-export extension, and tested it out. It was choking on certain links with an Unable to resolve link: "[ID goes here]" error, but was processing others just fine. Looking in my *Messages* buffer, I see the following when I attempt to run either org-html-export-to-html, org-hugo-export-to-md, or org-hugo-export-wim-to-md:

78 files scanned, 78 files contains IDs, and 78 IDs found.

Then it spits out the Unable to resolve link error. This is odd, org-roam-node-find currently lists 101 nodes. There are 91 in my root roam directory, and another 10 in my journals. I don’t know which files are being scanned, but it seems likely that the reason some ID links are resolvable and others are not has something to do with the 23 node difference between what I actually have and org-roam can see, and what gets scanned when running export commands.

Unfortunately, looking at the notes, it’s not clear to me what would distinguish them from each other. Please let me know what additional information would be helpful for diagnosing this issue.

I suggest you run M-x org-roam-update-org-id-locations and then try exporting again.
If my guess for the cause is correct, it will solve the problem of ID not resolved.