Thank you to Org Roam and to this community!

Popped in here to say thank you to @nobiot and all the rest of you kind folk here.
Been just above a year, since I started using Org-Roam and my head no longer feels burdened

It’s worked without a fuss and I depend on it a lot!

My files + workflow are extremely basic and do not come close to what most of the other folk do or what Org Roam provides
But it’s really indispensible!

Grateful for Org Roam and this community, once again :slight_smile:


Same goes from me. my workflow is in its finest state since I started using Org-roam


Thank you! It’s great to see this post. My use is also very basic and I only have a few hundred files. And yes, Org-roam has been serving me very well without a fuss for me, too :slight_smile:

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