Random stats from my ~/org

A of Friday, May 19, 2023 under ~/org I have 48M across 4098 files with the largest single file being in 1.3M in size. This is 981848 lines of text with the largest lined file having 21639 lines. Most of it is inside org-roam with 3928 nodes across 12921 files.



Out of interest, what do you do as primary thing with it? Research type of it? I guess it is much more than just personal/work notes?

Org-mode is my primary interface to my daily work. Org-roam is what I use for capturing new things. Time for a meeting, trigger that specific meeting capture template (immediate-finish, jump-to-captured) and immediately trigger a capture for “work log” which clocks time and contains a link back to that meeting note.

I start working on code from within org-mode, prototyping things in org-babel.

I email from within org-mode.

Oddly enough, I don’t really use scheduling and agenda within org-mode.

Mostly it’s personal and work notes about daily activities. Then there are various clusters of notes about specific topics.

I came here today to report that since I created my first org-roam file on Jan 4th 2021, I have now created 1500 files across my two directories/categories, stem and personal. I also have a category for work, but that repo isn’t present on my personal laptop so I didn’t count/include those.

@nickanderson forgive me if this is a question everyone knows the answer to but me, but which tool did you use for your visualizations?

I used org-roam-ui.

Are your dotfiles public?

@dustinfarris mine? No, they are not. But I’m happy to share excerpts if there is something of specific interest.

Thanks I’m interested in your eMacs config, mainly around the workflow you described in this post

Mmm like the templates I use for capture? I can pull some of those out, there are so many.

There’s more about my workflow and various things I use and do here: How I org in 2023 ·

I’ll try to remember to post some templates tomorrow. If you here is something else more specific just ask and I’ll see about extracting it.