Org-roam's future-proofedness


I’m migrating from plain (use-package based) Emacs configuration to Doom Emacs…org-roam works nicely, I was able to get org-roam-ui working, but just wonder, before fully settling on org-roam, what is org-roam’s future-proofedness in comparison with some other note-taking and/or Zettelkasten solution based on e.g. Markdown? Iow. if for some reason @jethro decides to stop working on it, how easy/difficult would be to migrate to something else?

I hope it won’t happen for the foreseeable future, but just to know…

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All your files are stored in standard Org Mode format, so everything is accessible even without Org Roam.

The main thing that will not work without Org Roam are back-links, graphing and perhaps creation templates. Run emacs -q and open some nodes and see what you can and can’t do.

The latest version stays as close as possible to plain Org Mode as possible. Also, the database is plan SQL, so can easily be exported to anything else.

Emacs has been around for forty years and Org Mode almost twenty, so your information is secure.


I too hope @jethro continues to find working on org-roam worth his interest and time. But if that changes, rather than feeling like that would necessitate migration to another system, I would think that other people would be interested in picking up where Jethro hypothetically left off.

Similar to how I assume Richard Stallman doesn’t do much if any of the current development for Emacs, or Carsten Dominik for org-mode, but they keep getting better regardless thanks to a large community of contributors.

Not to mention, you can stay on a working version of your configuration for quite a long time before needing to change it, I would think.

If anybody is wondering why work on org-roam has slowed, I have been in the midst of a huge job change and migrating to a different continent.

I still use the small subset of Org-roam’s features, and intend to continue accepting patches and PRs indefinitely. The feature set is unlikely to grow much further beyond what is already available. Post @d12frosted 's work on a nodes view table, it should be easier to make an agenda-like interface to nodes, and I think that’s the current extent to which I plan to implement.


Curious on the reasons for such conclusion/statement. Not to pick a fight, genuinely curious! Did I miss something important?

And while we are at it, what makes it different from ‘some other solutions’ whatever they are? I mean, org-mode is being developed since 2003 and already outlived many projects. org-roam is very young still, but already has a huge (at least in Emacs scale) user base and some active contributors, so I am pretty sure community will keep it alive.

I think this should be divided into two concerns.

  1. What will happen if author of org-roam stops working on the project? Someone will pick it up. @gcoladon nailed it.
  2. How can one migrate from org-roam to other solutions? Of course when it comes to migration from A to B, both parties needs to be taken into consideration. But when it comes to org-mode (including org-roam) you can do whatever you want. Apart from being plain files, it also provides lots of APIs to do whatever you want :slight_smile: For example, when I started using org-roam, I realized that I need to completely change the way I organize my notes. And I had lots of them. So I’ve come up with a little script that did it for me. And believe me, it felt like switching from one application to another.

Hope that helps!


Which continent? Since you have been in Asia I’m guessing and North America is the most likely?

Hah yes, I’m moving to SF (or possibly Seattle?) in less than a month, things are still a little uncertain :sob: