SOLVED: Could all PROPERTIES and all nodes be folded by default when opening a file?

Whenever I open a file, all nodes begin unfolded, and the PROPERTIES folder at the top of the file too. I currently press C-u TAB to fold all the nodes, and then TAB one more time to fold the drawer.

Could I configure something so that that happened automatically whenever I opened a file?

You want to set two variables: org-hide-block-startup to t and org-startup-folded to overview (or fold). Alternatively, you can set it per-file with #+startup: overview hideblocks. See if that works!

It works! Thanks, @rberaldo!

For anyone else who ends up here, here’s the punchline, what I needed to put in .emacs:

 '(org-hide-block-startup t)
 '(org-startup-folded "fold")
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You can also

(setq org-hide-block-startup t
      org-startup-folded "fold")

Glad to be of help!

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