Presenting Hyperorg version 0.1.0: The Org to HTML Converter

I am excited to introduce Hyperorg 0.1.0, designed to efficiently convert files from Emacs Org-mode and Org-roam into clean HTML files. Ideal for Zettelkasten enthusiasts and personal wiki creators, Hyperorg simplifies the conversion process, ensuring your nodes correctly interlinked and accurately transformed into HTML format.

Key Features:

  • Converts Emacs Org-mode and Org-roam files to pure HTML5 and CSS.
  • Tailored for Zettelkasten and personal wiki use cases.
  • Written in Python3.

Visit the project website for clear installation instructions.

Have questions, feature ideas, or encountered any bugs? I appreciate your feed back and do work now on the issues for the next release.

Best regards
Christian Buhtz


Dear Mr. Christian Buhtz,
Thank you for delivering hyperorg with its wonderful compilation features.
May I ask you a question?
Automatically set the name of Org Folder XXX as the destination folder.
Isn’t there a function to complete with “html-xxx”?
However, assume that the file path is set to the same location.
Sincerely, WAKAMATSU(from Japan)

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thank you very much for your feedback and your kind words.

Let me rephrase your suggested feature to be sure that I understand it correct.

You want to specify only the input folder like this?

$ hyperorg ~/org-folder

And the resulting output should be in ~/html-org-folder ?

Dear buhtz,

Thanks for your e-mail.

Is it possible to complete with a terminal command like this?

The first command input is the org folder I want to convert.

When I write the name and location specification, the folder name of the HTML

which I want to convert will be automatically completed.

The hyperorg command is executed on the completed html folder name

and an html file is created.

I thought that the destination html folder name would be unified.

So I wouldn’t have to worry about the storage location and name.

I believe that the hyperorg you type will be appended

with additional characters for options.

For example, a statement like

$ hyperorg +n ~/org-folder


Dear Wakamatsu,
thanks for your reply.

I believe that the hyperorg you type will be appended
with additional characters for options.
For example, a statement like
$ hyperorg +n ~/org-folder

I like the idea to make the “outputdir” argument optional.
But I don’t like the “+n” thing. Here again you will need two arguments. This is kind of unusual behavior not all users are suited on.

I opened a ticket for that feature:
#119 - Feat: Optional “outputdir” argument - buhtz/hyperorg -

Thank you very much for writing this - this tool will be of great use to convert roam files into exported documents. I will try it out in the future; saving it to reference later.

After some requests I added a section trying to describe the benefits of Hyperorg compared to similar tools. Feedback and discussion welcome.