Org Roam & Mobile


I have discovered the “Zettlekasten” method of building a second brain via some other command line tool that uses markdown files during a month-long break from Emacs and I really enjoy that tool.

What’s good about it is it’s git friendly, and seems to re-index changes with no issues.

My question is simple - when (because it’s likely not a question of “if”) I return to Emacs, what would it look like if I attempted the same syncing strategy for mobile reference with apps like Orgzly, or GitJournal? If I make remote changes or add files that are meant to be consumed by org-roam, will they work? Is this system portable, or locked in?

Thanks in advance.

All good.

I managed to learn that the org-roam database will sync up with file changes without intervention beyond syncing the files.