Fully migrating from Obsidian

Hi there! I’ve been using Obsidian for a couple of weeks and have amassed a largish number of notes and links to be fleshed out. However, Emacs is obviously much superior as a daily writing tool, which is why I wanted to fully migrate to org-roam.

I’ve read some posts on the Github issues page and another post here on the forum on migrating from Obsidian in which md-roam is mentioned but haven’t found anything on a full migration.

I tried using pandoc to automatically convert my .md files, however I haven’t found a way to get the correct org file links generated.

Has anybody here completely left Obsidian for org-roam? How did you do it? I’m open to any tips that might point me in the right direction, including having to extend pandoc's convertion abilities.

Thanks! :smile:

Are links the only issue?
What’s the problem of links through pandoc?

Personally I haven’t seen anyone publicly talking about full migration from Obsidian to Org-roam. It’s probably a matter of fixing problems of pandoc output case by case.

Hey! Thanks for the reply. The links aren’t the only issues; I’m struggling with the Obsidian non-standard comments (%%…%%) and the fact that I put many horizontal rulers (---) and, right after them, text – which is interpreted as a table header…

The problem with the links is that they are not converted properly. To be clearer, I wanted the [[a]] and [[a|description]]links to be converted to proper org-mode links, that is, respectively [[file:a.org][a]] and [[file:a.org][description]].

I’m creating a bash script to call perl and automatically deal with these things. Let’s see if that’ll work.

I see… I guess these are all Obsidian specific syntax, probably except for horizontal rules… I would also make personal scripts to convert md files. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Hey y’all,

This is an amateur python script I put together to convert from Obsidian nonstandard stuff into beautiful org: Obsidian to org-roam migration kit – a completely half-baked attempt at moving from Obsidian to org-roam which nevertheless works (for me). · GitHub

Use it at your own peril :wink:

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