Exploring Org-Roam. Have questions. Hi! Will I be arrested if I put all my emacs tutorial links in one big .org file rather than using atomic notes? Should I be cross-pollinating my coding knowledge base with my cooking recipes?

Hey there, I’m experimenting more with Org-roam and am trying to figure out some of the best practices before committing too much on one path. Currently, I’ve set up a few bigger .org files such as emacs and orgmode that link to each other, but in each I have a bunch of useful links. I’ve seen some tutorials suggesting that links and thoughts should be in very small individual .org files, but that seems convoluted and time-consuming. For example, where should I store the emacs and orgmode manuals? Do they go on their own little “card” each or should I use them to start a wiki collection?

Secondly, I’m wondering how much info I really want to add from areas that might not be so related. Do I really want to mesh together my cooking knowledge base with my computer focused information pools? Will things get convoluted down the line?

I’ve been having a little trouble finding actual workflows. A lot of tutorials on setting things up, but I’d like to see more of Org-roam in action. I think I’m missing some of the bigger picture philosophy in relation to org-mode.

How do you all use it? Do you have any useful media I can read or watch?

Thanks for your time!