Persistent "what I"m doing" indication of some sort?

I am very disorganized. Typically, I will plan some activities, then 2 weeks later I am not involved with those projects. I don’t keep a daily log, as would be ideal. It would be nice if daily notes could track what my current projects are. I could manually keep a list and manually insert it, But, my failing to do that sort of thing is why I’m looking for a solution. Do you have any thoughts about how to keep track when intermittently using org-roam?

I think I have a similar problem of using my laptop a few times a week. I don’t know if sharing how I do this is helpful, but here it is. After many years of practice (probably 15-20 years), I find that using simple methods works well for me.

  1. For projects where I use my laptop, I have a single “” file and I put all project TODOs and notes there. I simply have one headline per project, and put todos and notes under it. I bookmark the file and use consult-buffer or consult-bookmark to navigate to it easily. There is no other place to look, so it’s the persistent “where was I?” for me when I go back to it.

  2. For other todos in my other parts of life without my laptop, I use a physical notebook and pen (Bullet Journal), augmented by my iPhone (builtin notes app and email to myself). The physical is the main; the digital is only supporting it. I think I am a visual-thinking type (with diagrams) and I also sketch (artistically) a lot with pencils and pens. Maybe this is why I prefer the physical medium to the digital.


By the way, I also decided to stop worrying about not going back to projects that I started. For me, it often turns out that I did enough for the project to find out that it was not meant for me — it’s the completion of it; I now know I can move on to something else. If an abandoned project is really good for me, it tends to somehow come back to me later.