Org roam for problem sheets

I am a math grad student who has been looking for personal knowledge management solutions, and a while back I posted on Reddit on my use case. Many people recommended Org Roam, so I took the plunge and have been very happy with that decision. I’ve used roam to learn new things and better organize and consolidate what I do know, and the results have been excellent so far.

I’m now trying to extend my system to handle problem sheets and exercises. When I’m working through a math book, I’d like to record of the exercises I solve.

So for example, if I was working through Hartshorne’s Algebraic Geometry, I’d like to be able to create a node “Solutions to” with the chapter titles as headlines and in each headline I’d have environments like:

 Give an example of an irreducible polynomial f in R[x, y], whose zero set Z(f) is not irreducible.


What I’m hoping for is a good, lightweight LaTeX package or class defining such environments that I can include in the header or setup files so that I can export my org file to PDF and get a nice solution manual. I’d prefer to be able to easily customize the solution numbering to match that of different books i.e. alphabetical, roman, numbers etc. I’d also like to handle problems with multiple parts well. I’m not too worried about the other aspects of the formatting.

I realize this may be more of a LaTeX or org-mode question than a specifically Org Roam one, but hopefully I can get some advice here on how to set up the kind of system I want. Any help or suggestions for a better setup would be very appreciated.

This is a Latex theme (Eye-Candy-Lecture-Notes-Theme) that is especially created for math related note-taking.

I haven’t had time to incorporate into my Org-roam workflow, but figured it could help you.

Thanks so much! This looks interesting