Wish list for org-roam templates?

hi everybody,

some time ago I worked on the templating system of org-roam. I don’t know if these changes will ever make it to the project, so I was thinking of publishing them as a separate module for those interested.

Do you have any gripes or wish list for org-roam templates system?

Any use case that you wish it was supported by org-roam?

I read the earlier post – but I did not understand it then, maybe because it was a diff file if I remember correctly.

I honestly don’t know about the templating system much because I find the documentation dense, to the point I need another hermeneutic key to the guide. A guide to a guide. The template function in org is windy.

To this, I feel I lack the skills to come up with templates to serve my needs – it is only very recently I was made aware through someone’s example that I do not need to waste creating a node for everyday in my journal – yearly and monthly log books may be trivially set up through the template.

Overall I feel lost in the template – I don’t understand it. A proper guide would be wonderful to that end. About features – I don’t know right now – because I don’t even know the exhaustive list of options I have in my hand in the first place.

I think that I agree with @akashp that I am left wanting more from the documentation, examples I think.

I’ve got like 100 templates and every time I want a new kind of management structure (how I’m configuring 100 templates with org-mode, good job is it a massive string or what parts of templates can I source from a file) or a different kind of capturre eg appending to a table vs just a new different meeting template it feels like a whole adventure each time. That’s a bit frustrating to me that it’s painful to manage something that’s so beneficial to my workflow.

I also blame my ignorance of elisp.

Anyway, interested to see what you come up with.