Are there any repositories of good example org-roam files?

Are there any repositories on git or anywhere that have some examples of Org-roam files?

I’d really appreciate seeing some examples of best practices using roam - such as how cards differ if they are about a person, place, subject, book, etc.


Well, I do not think my org-roam is a good one, but it is under version control.

It is full of non-sense things for other people. I mainly use org-roam as my thoughts dumper. I do not know how to take smart notes, but I will definitely try to read/understand/execute the book (e.g., How to take smart notes).

I find that making it public push me exploring more. And I like it.

Here’s link:

Feel free to ask any question.


Very interesting. Thank you.

Mine is here:

I don’t think it’s best practice - but it’s an example at least :slight_smile: I publish it here:


@doubleloop Is there a place I can look on how to deploy something like this for my org-roam? I love this presentation.

I’ve got some time off work next week so will do a bit of a writeup - here’s the raw bits in the interim in case it helps:


Your site looks very neat :slight_smile: that page.js clearly needs some polishing (it opens pages that are already open, etc.) but javascript gives me a bit of PTSD. I’ve been tempted many times to nuke that and go back to a normal paged website.

I also like that it only needs org and not some intermediary (cc @reyman). This + embedding the visualization from org-roam-server instead of the static graph image would be fantastic.


Thanks! that helps a lot. I we looking at your org-publish notes and they were a little out of date. I have quite a few org files in my org-roam and trying to publish them all makes emacs crash currently :flushed:

+1 for getting org-roam-server integrated into some exported format :heart_eyes:

I gave the org-publish flow a try, and unfortunately it doesn’t work with nested folders (rel links dont work with the JS page appending ootb, will need to compute the page URL to fetch somehow)

Yeah, than @Richard for question, and @doubleloop for answer and exemples !

Perhaps we could take some time to dig into org-publish and see if some patch of existing code could suffice to propose a native solution to publish org-roam + connectors to other static framework.

@Richard I found this on git, this is not only org roam oriented but, perhaps we could imagine something like this in the future ?

Yeah org-publish is a bit rubbish in that it blocks all of emacs while you’re publishing - switching to calling it from a Makefile made things better for me, as it runs as a separate process then and you can get on with other stuff while publishing.

I’ve published a post with a bit more detail: