Org-Drill on Android?

Along with my org-roam use, I started using org-drill. It is great for my learning workflow: I create org-roam subheader items per note (or “idea nugget”) on my org-roam-dailies, and turn that subheader into a org-drill flashcard for spaced repetition of the ideas I get from the books.

Now it works on my laptop very well. But I have been looking around for a way to carry on my org-drill flashcard reviews on my android as well. As far as I came across, I saw there is some way to do on the android with anki, anki web server, etc. However, I am not sure how that sync with the drill sessions between the android and laptop (would anki be able to modify the org-roam subheadings properly?).

Anyone have a someway of using the org-drill flashcards on their mobile (android)?

If you have a big keyboard - you can run emacs on anything? What’s the limitation of org-drill in android? I have never tried running Emacs on Android, but I think it should be indifferent to whether you are running it in android or any other OS.

What’s the problem?

Syncing your drills between anki and emacs would require a lot of work.

My suggestion: export your cards to anki, and use anki to sync between ankidroid and anki. It works well. Then use anki and/or anki-droid.

GitHub - louietan/anki-editor: Emacs minor mode for making Anki cards with Org is a good package. It needs anki running with anki-connect to send it the cards, but it is not hard to setup.