How to incorporate space repetition into Org-Roam workflow?

I want to be able to actively recall my notes and review them on a regular basis, and I haven’t figured out how to implement them in my notes.

I read Doubleloop’s blog post on his workflow, but as he stated in the improvement section,

I feel like I’m maintaining the flashcards separately from the body of my notes – it’s a bit of a duplication of effort. It’d be good to get a flow where the flashcard is just part of the note as is, and I can pull it out without duplicating it.

I tried to manipulate it a bit, and my current workflow is incorporating it directly into my notes.
Take this note, for example, about Edge Devices,

* Definition
:ANKI_DECK: Computer Networking
:ANKI_NOTE_ID: 1665541877624
** Front
What are Edge Devices?
** Back
- They are known as End-sytems or Hosts.
  These devices are divided into two groups: Clients and Servers.
- These are the devices that recieves the internet as a service.

*And, then here I continue with some more examples on the topic.*

And then I export it to Anki for reviewing.

My question here is this a good workflow in the long run, as all my notes would take this shape?

You could try org-fc. I haven’t used it in a while though, so I’m not sure of the details.

Maybe this can help too (org-roam-review) :

(However, I have not yet tested it. )

This can also be interesting
org-drill.el – flashcards and spaced repetition for org-mode.

Finally, I was also considering creating my own system (of flashcards in particular. I don’t know if flashcards are “good enough”, maybe I should implement a larger space repetition system that could make flashcards work).
If you’re ever interested, I can give details of the theory, but I haven’t had time to do anything yet (I prefer to look at the above solutions in detail first)

I will keep up to date with this topic, as implementing a space repetition system in org roam is almost a must: making your second brain is useless if you forget it :wink:

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion on the various solutions proposed

Ps: Maybe you’ve already seen it, but this post may help too

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I use spaced repetition in org-roam by hand. I do something like this:

* the last time I reviewed: 20
* review when time is equal to 1 mod 2 (i.e. odd)
** [[id:6422ff08-...][cholesterol reduction strategies]]
** What [[id:1b920360-...][mistake to avoid when restoring the old part of a diff]]?
* review when time is equal to 2 mod 4
* review when time is equal to 4 mod 8

When I start a new review session, I’ll mark the first line BLOCKED (press S-right twice), increment the value at the end of that line, and go to the appropriate collection to review based on the new value. As I go through things I’ll mark them DONE if I got them right the first time, BLOCKED if I didn’t. I then move all the DONE things to the next (half as frequent) collection, and review the BLOCKED things again. If I still get one of those wrong I’ll move it back to a more-frequent collection; otherwise I’ll just leave it where it is.