No backlinks! but I think there should be

I’ll describe what I did in excruciating detail. I’m seeing some behavior that I believe is wrong, but maybe I’ve misunderstood what to expect.

I have one note titled “acute-kidney-injury”. While I was editing this note, I hit C-C, n, f and made a new note called “heart-failure”. Then I typed a few lines about heart failure in that note and hit C-c, C-c to close it and return to “acute-kidney-injury”. Then I navigated to “heart-failure” with C-c n f and typed “he[tab]” and the bottom bar autocompleted, and emacs brought up my few lines on heart failure. in the main window. The right-side smaller window has the correct title (“heart-failure”), but says “No backlinks!” underneath that.

I would expect that there should be a backlink – namely “acute-kidney-injury”. Is there a problem or have I misunderstood how this is supposed to work?

I deleted org-roam (version 1.1.0) and installed version 1.1.1 and now it works. Hurray.


I don’t think v1.1.0 had this bug, but it could be that your files were not saved yet.