Backlink - not working

Hi All, I am new to Org-roam, and I have been trying to make it work for a couple of days. (I am new to emacs/orgmode too).

I have couple of issues, the hyperlinks in the org-roam buffer doesn’t seem to work.
This is the text I get instead of actual link

[[file:/Dropbox/org-mode/org-roam-files/][Sunday, 05 July 2020]]

I also cannot find the variable - org-roam-backlink. I installed the latest org-roam version as of today.

Some additional info- I use emacs in Mac

I’m not sure if it’s a typo, but your link will most probably lead to nowhere because /Dropbox/org-mode/... is an absolute path with your Dropbox directory in the root directory, which is strange. Did you mean ~/Dropbox/...?

Otherwise, it looks like a valid Org-mode link. You can familiarise yourself with Org-mode hyperlinks here:

I assume you are familiar with Emacs basics like how to run an interactive command.

  • You can toggle a nicer link appearance with org-toggle-link-display.
  • To follow a link, move the point onto the link text and run org-open-at-point or press C-c C-o or click with mouse on it.

There is no such variable org-roam-backlink. To view the backlinks that point to the current note, run org-roam.

Hi, thanks for your detailed response.

Yes, it was a typo (the link is in my user /users//Dropbox…
Thanks for the clarification on backlink (I was probably confused by this article, I found -

On the hyperlink, I am able to see the hyperlink without “[[file:/Dropbox/org-mode/org-roam-files/][Sunday, 05 July 2020]]” in the journal files, its the org-roam file that doesn’t have a clean link. I will explore further. Thanks again