How to get backlinks in org-roam-server to work?

Hello all,

i have recently started using org-roam and it quickly lead to me completely reworking my note-taking workflow - What a wonderful tool!
So far everything seems to work fine and i managed to set up org-protocol to have a clickable graph.

Just one thing doesn’t seem to work right:

In the org-roam-server view under File Viewer some of the backlinks do no work.
They just give me a " Not Found, The requested URL was not found on this server." and Javascript just says “void(o)”.

I am not experienced enough to troubleshoot this and information relate to this on the internet seems to be scarce…

All backlinks work in the org-roam buffer.

I am using spacemacs develop under osx catalina.

Would be very happy if someone yould point me in the right direction!

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there is something special in your file ? Give an exemple of a error file please ?

It doens’t seem like there is anything special in the file, as everything works perfectly within Spacemacs. I just modified the default org-roam-capture template to set some variables like “#+STARTUP: latexpreview”
Where can i find an error file?
Not well versed in troubleshooting Spacemacs related things yet (I’m getting there…) :slight_smile:
I also did org-roam-db-clear and org-roam-db-build-cache, but the error persists.

Thanks for your help!

@butch_warns, adding to @bepolymathe’s question, do you know how to look at the HTML source code via your browser’s inspection tool?

If some backlinks work, and some others don’t work, my hunch is that you would observe some anomalies in the id attribute of the links that don’t work (see the image from Chrome below).

If this is the case, you might like to log an issue in the GitHub of org-roam-server project, because it is likely that your issue is caused by the way org-roam-server generates this link. Or alternatively, you might be able to work around the issue by naming the files in the way that works.

Hi @nobiot,
thanks for your reply, the help is much appreciated!

I ckecked the source-code of the HTML links found the problem is not actually the backlinks themselves, but rather links I wrote inside of my notes, which are also displayed in the right frame of the file viewer tab. These are not backlinks but just regular links… Interestingly these links from within my notes all seem to have a leading forward slash in the id attribute.

Seems that wrong filepaths are actually the culprit. What can i do to prevent this from happening? All these links were added with org-roam-insert at the time of writing my notes.


In the note, how is “Kompressor auf Basis von Elektronenröhren” linked?

You can use org-toggle-link-display to make the text visible.

In my example earlier, the link looks like this:

Looking at the link within my note the filepath doesn’t feature the leading forward slash.

The link works from withing roam servers preview window in the graph (database network) tab and even in the file viewer tab, just not under the backlinks section in the right hand frame.
Seems like something i could potentially just live with (if i have to…)

Weird. One thing you could try is to update org-roam-server. If that does not fix the issue, I think it’s worth reporting it to org-roam-server project. As you can see from my example above, I can’t reproduce the problem… (I might try creating a file that begins with a number like you, but that’s just a standard way for Org-roam…)

Weird indeed. I will try reporting the issue to the org-roam-server project.
Thanks again for your help!

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