No backlink found after migration to V2


I’ve just migrated to V2 and org-roam-buffer-toggle shows no backlink.

I have 2 org-roam files:

  • (in org-roam-directory) starts with some PROPERTIES containing ID and is followed by #+title and #+created:
     :ID:       9b7cd965-a59e-43ff-b587-97b00086374b
     #+title: Some title
     #+created: <2021-07-11 Sun 11:30>
  • (in org-roam-directory as well) starts with some PROPERTIES containing ID and is followed by an org heading and then a ID link to’s ID:
    :ID:       36f128e0-0c8a-4381-9e3f-d3503a1eceea
    #+title: 2021-09-23
    * Another title

In, when I call M-x org-roam-buffer-toggle, I get a new buffer with a header line containing's title.

Expected: this buffer should contain a link to because links back to
Actual: this buffer doesn’t contain anything beyond the header line.

Looks like your db was not updated when you saved the second file — has it been saved?
To verify this assumption, make sure you have saved the second file and do M-x org-roam-db-sync. It should give you a message indicating the db has been updated.

If this works, check if you have activated the org-roam-db-autosync-mode minor mode. It is responsible for updating db when you save a file in org-roam-directory. If this is the cause of your issue, you can activate it in your init file.

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I’m sorry I missed this part when reading migration guides. Thank you very much.

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