V1 ==> V2; Links Between Nodes Nonexistent

The pre-existing links between my nodes did not survive the migration from V1 to V2.

I recently needed to re-create my virtual machine, so I took the opp’y to update to org-roam v2.

I set up Emacs to use org-roam by:

  1. copying my pre-existing *.org files into ~/org/roam on the new machine;
  2. installing Emacs (obviously; Doom-flavored); and,
  3. changing :lang org to :lang (org +roam2);

My *.org files didn’t show up right away, so I ran the org-roam migration utility. Voila, my files showed up as nodes.

Unfortunately, my links between files did not carry over from V1. When I use n-r-r to view backlinks, nodes that I know have backlinks do not show anything.

However, new links (made with n-r-i) work properly.

I searched around on this forum, but I did not find an instance of a similar problem ( I could have missed it, though).

Help would be appreciated.

Do migrated links work normally as ID links? Can you navigate from a file to another via migrated ID links?

If this is not working, then that explains why you don’t backlinks between migrated notes.

I’d try two things:

  1. Command org-roam-update-org-id-locations
  2. Delete DB file and re-build DB from scratch

Good luck.

Thank you very much, nobiot - you led me to the solution.

I had already run org-roam-update-org-id-locations, but the migrated backlinks weren’t showing up. Before I searched up how to how to delete the db and rebuild it from scratch, I looked through all the org-roam-... commands for anything related to a database.

Doing that turned up org-roam-db-sync (synchronize the cache state with the current Org files on-disk). After running the command, the migrated backlinks showed up.

I appreciate the help, as well as the speedy response.


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