Links in agenda-view are not formatted and are not functional

I installed and have started to play with org-roam. I noticed a strange behavior in my org-agenda-view. Links are no longer properly formatted in task headings in the agenda view. What used to appear as a link (that I could click on) now appears as [[target][label]]. The issue seems related to one I found described here, however it is limited to the agenda view. Links in other org files look and work fine.

Emacs 26.3; Org9.3.7; macOS

You mean you use your org-roam notes as agenda files?

The problem seems to have resolved itself. I’m not sure what fixed the issue. I did update a bunch of my packages.

To answer @mshevchuk question… TODOs were in “regular” org files, not org-roam files. I have a TODO like:

  • TODO remember to look at John’s [[file:path-to-pdf][PDF]]

When this TODO appeared in org agenda, it showed literally as typed above (without proper formatting of the link). On the other hand, in the org file, the link was formatted into a proper hyperlink that I could click on.

As mentioned, the problem seems to have resolved itself. If I can re-create it, I’ll post an update here.

@midas, sure. I’m quite positive however it doesn’t have anything to do with org-roam.

Org-roam does introduce some features that does cause this issue. But this is almost always an issue with the loading of Org (see

You mention that you have Org version 9.3.7, but a wrong load order will cause this issue.

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