Is anyone happy with how they store contact information in org-roam?

I would like to have people I know be org-roam files, in which I can store things I want to remember about them, like their contact information and family members names etc, but also link them to concepts in org-roam that we share an interest in.

Does anyone do something similar, and think it works well for them? If so, how are you doing it?


I do have org-roam nodes for my team mates. This way I can look up in the Org-roam-buffer for the node connected with them. There is nothing in those nodes as of now. They are empty. I have just started, so cannot say how it will work for me in the future.

I too have files per person, in a directory called people (with directories-as-tags), but I’m not doing much in the way of typical contact management with them thus far, mostly just using them as a way to see back links to journal entries.

I’d like to synchronize some amount of things with my Nextcloud instance somehow, perhaps in some way that could integrate my org contacts with mu4e or whatever, but the options I’ve looked into haven’t seemed promising.